See Jasper National Park from every angle

Peak to Paddle

What is it?

A package deal! Book Peak to Paddle and receive a ticket for any one of our three adventures plus a ticket for the Jasper SkyTram.

How to Book

Once you've decided on a rafting trip to pair with your SkyTram adventure, you will need to decide on the times for your flight up the SkyTram, and the flight down. Use the guide below to determine how much time you will need.

1. Pick a Flight Up Time

  • You will need 15-20 minutes to drive from the Jasper townsite to the SkyTram parking lot.
  • You will need to arrive 20 minutes prior to your SkyTram flight up.

2. Pick a Flight Down Time

  • Flight, Hike (1.4km), and Summit Cafe
    • Allow for 2-3 hours at the top
  • Flight and Hike (1.4km)
    • Allow for 1.5-2 hours at the top
  • Flight, Boardwalk, and Summit Cafe
    • Allow for 1.5-2 hours at the top
  • Flight and Boardwalk
    • Allow for 1 hour at the top

3. Make the Booking

Once you've determined a date and times for your flights up and down, use one of the buttons below to select your rafting trip, and then add your desired date and times for the SkyTram to the booking comments. We'll handle the rest!

How much does it cost?

Adventure Adults Children
(Under 16)
Athabasca Mile 5 $137.00 $83.00
Athabasca Falls $155.00 $93.00
Sunwapta River (Self-Drive only) $155.00
Book Peak to Paddle
**Peak to Paddle packages must be booked at least 72 hours in advance (relative to the rafting departure).