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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Anything you don’t mind getting wet! Swimwear is the best choice, but shorts and t-shirt (or something similar) will do. Avoid cotton if possible as it will keep you colder than synthetic or wool fabrics. Also, you will need a pair of socks to wear inside of our neoprene boots.

Where is the meeting location?

Our meeting location is the RV Parking Lot located next to the Jasper Home Building Center (706 Sleepy Hollow Road). Please note that this is not the parking lot where the public washrooms are located. You must cross over the railway tracks from downtown Jasper.

To get to the RV Parking Lot from downtown Jasper, find the set of traffic lights located at the intersection of Connaught Drive (the main street), and Hazel Avenue. From here, you must cross to the other side of the railway tracks. If there is a train at the crossing, you will not be able to drive across, however there is a pedestrian underpass so it is advised to walk from downtown if possible.

Upon arrival, you will be looking for blue or yellow school buses with rafts on the trailer.

Do you take photos on the trip?

Yes. We take photos on all three of our rafting trips, some right before getting on the water, and some going through some white water rapids. Your photos will be available for purchase after your trip through our website. There will be a slideshow during the bus ride back to down so that you can take a look at the photos first.

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